středa 25. ledna 2017

The Ultimate Neobux Guide 2017


I guess you arrived at this site because you are interested in making money from the internet?

If so, I can asure you that you have come to the right place. I am going to talk alittle about Neobux, who offer you a chance to make money from home.

 Register and start now!

Neobux is the best PTC (paid to click) site and have been around for 9 years, and have more than 20 million registered users. You get paid for browsing their advertisers websites, and if you are interested in making money from home, you should pay attention now.

  • Neobux is a worldwide top PTC site with more than 20 000 000 registered users.
  • NeoBux is a trustworthy site where users get paid to click, promote, and complete offers. It's a site that has survived the test of time and has been paying since 2008.
  • As soon as you have earned $2,00 USD you can cash out to PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or Payza.

Start as a "Standard" member with Neobux

When you have logged in to Neobux you will see a lot of small ads, you should click on them.

Each ad will only take a few seconds before they are finished downloading, just wait until the orange timer has gone a full turn before pressing the Close button and take the next one.

Now you have earned your first cents, and do not be dismayed that you only get $ 0.001 for each ad you click. There are more. ways to make money on Neobux, the top ptc on the internet.

Just keep on reading!

For each ad you click, you get in addition to $0.001 also 4 AdPrizes. That is Neobuxs own little lottery where you can win money, points or upgrade your membership to Golden membership.

You can win anything from 10-100000 points, or $0.25 dollar to $50 dollar. The highest AdPrice is a free Golden membership for one year, worth $90. 

I will explain what Points are good later.

You simply click on the green Adprize box in the corner and wait for the timer charging clear, then take the next one .... etc.

Your reset time in Neobux

After clicking ads and run through your Adprize you may wonder when the ads are restored and come back?
It can drop in any single ad anytime, but the orange ads called Fixed Advertisements get restored and comes back together at the same time, once a day.

You can easy check when your Orange ads get restored at the top of the green bar above all the ads.
In the picture next to this you will see that this users ads resets and comes back at 14:29. That is his reset time.
Then it's quite appropriate that every day, sometime after 14:29 pm, login to their NeoBux account and click the ads, and then Adprize.

Rented Referrals

Referals is ordinary and normal users, and they works for you. All Neobux members who click their ads are making money, but if the member is your referal, you earn money through them. You rent referals easiest directly through Neobux. You click on your name and then on the Rental Account. If you dont have money you can transfer from the main account to the rental account, or if you want to speed up the process, transfer money from the payment processor you use, such as PayPal. 

Once you have transferred the money to the Rental Account, you will see small squares with a number on.

Each square is a pack with referals, and if the pack is blue it means you can rent it. When you have $ 0.6 dollars on your account, you can rent your first pack of 3 referals in 30 days, but wait to hire until you have at least $ 2. You also need to extend the rent, and I recommend at least 90 days, preferably 240 days because the longer you pay the rent, the greater discount.

Remember to click your fixed orange ads every day, 4 ads if you are Standard and 9 ads if you have a Golden membership if you want to be paid for your referals click the following day.

If you do not click your orange ads today, you get no money from your referals clicks tomorrow.

Extend the Rented Referrals

Extending your rented referals is most easily done by clicking the "man with yellow hat" and then click the yellow up arrow in the next payment on the gray bar. Now you see your rented referals who is most close to expire. Tick the box out to the right, select the referals you wish to extend, then scroll down the page.

Under the list of your rented referrals you will see an option where you can extend the rent. Choose one of them, preferably 240 because in the long run this option gives highest discount.

Direct Referrals

A direct referral is a person that you managed to recruit to Neobux. Unlike a rented referral a direct referral is 100% free, you don't have to pay for extending them. The easiest way to gain direct referrals is to talk to people you know, your family, friends etc. Tell them how Neobux works, and that there is a huge potential to earn good money. There are only two things you need to remember before you start getting direct referrals; you must be a Neobux member since 15 days, and have clicked at least 100 ads.
Each membership in Neobux have their own limitations in how many direct referrals allowed.

  • Standard: 30
  • Golden: 200
  • Golden+Pioneer: 250
  • Golden/Emerald: 300
  • Golden/Sapphire: 300
  • Golden/Platinum: 400
  • Golden/Diamond: 400
  • Golden/Ultimate: Unlimited
Beside getting credit for your direct referrals click on their ads, you will also earn commisions from them. That means when a direct referral of yours purchase something worth at least $10 USD through any payment processor related to Neobux, you will receive a 1% commision.

Imagine if you are Golden Neobux member with 200 direct referrals who click their 4 orange ads everyday, that means you earn $8 USD per day. As you can see above, there is no limit for members with Ultimate membership. You can have as many referrals you want, both rented and direct ones.

When it comes to direct referrals, only your skill of finding them is the limit. But if you don't have a big family, and don't know that much people there is others ways. Please, read my other blog how to advertise your banners with referral links and get paid for it - yes, get paid.

Your direct referrals link

You can find your referral link, or a banner from Neobux when you click on your name and then on banner.

Golden Membership

When you rented and extended your referrals to as many as your Standard membership permits, it is time to upgrade and move on. As a Standard member, you have a maximum of 300 rented referrals, and if you want more, you must purchase a Golden membership.
Have you clicked your AdPrize you may by now have been fortunate to have won a Golden membership for one year, or if you collected enough Points (30,000) you can exchange them for one year Golden membership.

When you rented and extended your referrals to as many as your Standard membership permits, it is time to upgrade and move on. As a Standard member, you have a maximum of 300 rented referrals, and if you want more, you must purchase a Golden membership.
Have you clicked your AdPrize you may by now have been fortunate to have won a Golden membership for one year, or if you collected enough Points (30,000) you can exchange them for one year Golden membership.

Rental Settings & The Rental Queue

When you have passed 300 referrals as a Golden member, it's getting a little trickier to rent referrals, but if you are fast it's easy. This happens because the demand of rented referrals is higher, the number is simply not enough for everyone. 

The first thing to do is to set 2 favourite times when it's best for you to rent referrals. You can do this in your Personal Settings.

the rental time is set to 21:00 and 23:00 but you can choose any time you want. This simply means that exactly at 21:00, you can hire a pack with referrals. But you have to be quick, as I said before, many wants to rent referrals the same time as you, and they run out in seconds.

If you are not fast enough, you have to wait until the second time you have set, in this case 23:00. Make sure you synchronize your computer clock in the lower right corner with the Neobux server time.

If you have problems renting referrals, you can always use the rental queue, who is a bit more expensive and you have to wait alittle longer, but on the other hand it guarantee the delivery of the referrals you have rented.


If you are lucky you can win money, neopoints or Golden Membership in the Adprize lottery. The money you win here are yours, and you can fast and easy withdraw to your payment processor.


When you do a small task, watch a video, register and try your luck at som internet casino or just download a software you get paid in Coins. You can easily convert your Coins into money and cash out instantly.

Mini Jobs

Basically, Mini Jobs are small and simple tasks for which you get instantly credited into your main balance. To access this feature, just click on the "Offers" button on the top, then select Mini Jobs.

Some tasks will appear for you to choose. The number of jobs displayed may vary from time to time, as well as the types. You can also see the number of available tasks and their pay rates.

If you are a new member of neobux without any referrals, the earning from Mini Jobs can be more and easier than clicking ads.

The objective of the available Mini Jobs is to solve problems ranging from data collection and product categorization to business lead verification, content generation / modification and academic research.

Detailed instructions about what exactly your work will be are available on screen, what you need is to follow these details to accomplished the Mini Jobs under a certain time. If you want to end current task or change task, click on the Give Up button on the top.

Do not give random answers. A number of false answers higher than a Mini Job’s accuracy threshold may prevent you from completing a Mini Job.

Bonus: Mini Jobs will grant you a commission from your direct referrals earnings and will provide you with a productivity bonus for your own work.

  • For each $1 you earn from doing Mini Jobs you'll get a 12% bonus as a standard member and a 24% bonus as a golden member.
  • You’ll earn 12% from each of your direct referrals earned by completing Mini Jobs.

So what are you waiting for, do your first click - your money are waiting !